Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions you are welcome to contact us at any time and we are always happy to assist.

Why should I be focusing on Pinterest?

Not only can Pinterest end up driving serious traffic over the long run, but it also is an excellent platform to grow your brand. The majority of Pinterest users say they use it to make purchases, and they have a higher median income than any other social media site. Not only that, but with Pinterest, you have “pins” that rank in Pinterest, get virally shared, and even rank in Google! The more “pinning” you do in the long run, the more brand growth and traffic your business will have. The best time to start is now. 

How long does Pinterest take to see results?

In order to start seeing what works for your particular brand and business, we usually need a minimum of 3 months. Pinterest is for forward thinking business owners who realize the power of building a long term brand. Pinterest is a platform where things start off slow as we work to see what works best for your business.

After 3 months, we start to have enough data of what optimizations to make for your particular business. You should assume right off the bat that we will need 3-6 months to start really being able to optimize your pinning to deliver the best long term results. Sometimes it happens quicker and that’s great, but it should be clear that our services are for the business owner focusing on building for the future. We do not work with people looking for immediate results, but rather those who believe in their brand and want to build a powerful asset for the long term. 

What makes Master Growth Marketing the best in the game for organic Pinterest growth?

As talked about in the above question, the amount of organic traffic you can drive from Pinterest while tapping into an audience of over 500,000,000 people is not something that can be ignored! Paid ads would cost you an arm and a leg to start with, and why not grab this low hanging fruit to start or grow your brand?

As an example, most ad agencies require $3000-$5000 per month retainers, and then on top of that, you need to have a big ads budget (perhaps another $10,000+/month). 

With our organic Pinterest management, you pay just one low monthly fee and the traffic/growth is free. 

We pride ourselves on being the best in the game for Pinterest Account Management & Growth for Brands. For one, we actually use Pinterest in our own businesses, and have phenomenal results. We have proprietary strategies from a combined 7 years of Pinterest experience (an eternity in digital marketing time!) to ensure we deliver the most premium service on the market. We take serious custom care with our accounts, since we know specifically what works, compared with other managers who have never successfully grown a brand on Pinterest.

Is my business a good fit for your services?

We work with, but are not limited to, e-commerce stores and brands, coaches, service based businesses, course creators, professionals, bloggers, influencers, and more. Feel free to reach out if you’re unsure if your business is a good fit for our services or not, and we’ll be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

What can Pinterest brand growth allow me to see in my business?

If you are a forward thinking business owner who wants your brand to grow huge, our services are for you. We focus on using Pinterest to grow your brand awareness and get in front of a totally untapped audience where 2 billion monthly searches are completed monthly. The platform is only growing as well. In getting set up on Pinterest, you will be able to see serious growth to your brand and bottom line. 

What are all the benefits of having you grow our brand on Pinterest?

We are founded by Stefan Ciancio, an accomplished marketer who actually has used Pinterest for years and taught his students with coaching and courses for a long time. After getting a lot of people saying “Can’t you just do it for me?”, Stefan opened this agency to allow others to benefit from his Pinterest methods without needing to do the work themselves. So you are getting tried and true Pinterest strategies done for you, not an agency that has never successfuly “done” this in their own business.

I’m currently not getting very much traffic at all. Are your services for me?

Pinterest is great as a long term asset for growing traffic. It should be noted that we are not a “quick traffic” agency. We focus first and foremost on getting your brand positioned properly on Pinterest and optimizing to attract your target audience like a magnet. We work with brands for a minimum of 3-6 months before we have enough data to make sure we’re attracting huge amounts of your ideal buyers like a magnet. By focusing on branding, you set yourself up for long term success. 

I’m already getting results on other growth channels. Why should I try this?

Whether you’re successful or not with other traffic sources, you should try Pinterest now. It can be perfect as a “first” business and brand growing source, but also perfect as an additional way to grow your brand if you are already in profit. The power is huge, and it’s something many businesses are capitalizing on. The sooner you do, the more you will be glad you did.

How long does it take to see results with organic Pinterest growth/your services?

You should plan to see Pinterest growth as a long term investment in your business. We will work to help optimize your profile for maximum results over the first 3-6 months. Over time your brand will get seen be a huge untapped audience of high spending power. 

How do I sign up with you and/or get more information?

You can contact us on this page and we’ll get back to you very quickly, within 24-48 hours. 

Can this replace the amount of money I’m currently spending on paid ads every month?

The best thing to do that we’d recommend is keep doing everything you’re doing now, and start on Pinterest. See how your numbers look in 3-6 months and then you’ll know if you want to keep running Pinterest alongside your other traffic and growth efforts, or if you want to have Pinterest replace your other efforts completely.

Do I need to already have things set up (a Pinterest account, etc.) before contacting you?

You can come to us whether you have ever done a single thing on Pinterest or not. Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account yet but are interested in getting started on Pinterest, you’re still a perfect candidate and we can help everyone of all levels.

Do you offer Pinterest ad services?

Once you are optimized and crushing it with organic Pinterest traffic, the next logical step is to scale even higher with paid Pinterest ads. We currently do not offer this yet, but many of you ask us about it. We do plan to open up Pinterest ad services in the not so distant future.

Do you offer any way for me to learn Pinterest traffic myself? I’m not quite ready for your services.

Yes, Stefan Ciancio offers a Pinterest course if you want to go at it yourself. You can check out Stefan’s Pinterest growth course here.