Our Mission

We strive to bring the best Pinterest marketing practices to our clients, so that they can focus on their core business while we handle exploding their organic traffic, audience growth, leads, brand awareness and sales using our own in-house, cutting edge, Pinterest-approved growth strategies.

We work with: E-commerce stores and brands, coaches, influencers, bloggers, affiliates, service providers, course sellers, and anyone with a product or service they sell online.

Who We Work With

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest played a key role in us growing our own brands. With people asking us to handle thier own Pinterest accounts for them, opening up an agency just made sense. With Pinterest, you can set up predictable, scalable and highly viral growth… so month after month, your organic growth, brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales will continue to scale.

We work to ensure we have the best results for each client by developing the right pinning strategy for each client. We start by optimizing your Pinterest profile, and from there, focus on your growth through a combination of optimizing pins for searches, viral strategy, and outreach with premium Pinterest influencers. Check out our services page for specific details.

What We Do

Our Team

We are a small team with Stefan and Michelle at the hem, overseeing a team of skilled Pinterest team members that manage client Pinterest accounts.

Stefan ciancio

A full time online marketer since 2015, Stefan has been using and teaching Pinterest stragies for years. Due to popular demand, he founded Master Key Marketing, Inc. to “take over” other business’s Pinterest and allow them to grow while focusing on their core business.

Michelle Saya
client relations manager

Having grown her own brands to astronomical levels using Pinterest, Michelle manages our team to ensure our clients get the same cutting edge strategies.